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How Much Does A Bounce House Rental Cost?

How Much Does A Bounce House Rental Cost?

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Are you starting a bounce house business and not sure what to charge your customers to rent out a bounce house? Are you crunching the numbers for your party rental business to see how quickly you can make a return on your investment? Are you trying to find out the right price to charge your customers to rent a bounce house or inflatable?

There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to rental fees for your bounce house business or party rental business. The most important factors to keep in mind are physical location, type of bounce house and type of party or number of guests. If you are struggling to find out the right rental fee to charge your customers, then keep reading this blog. We will go over the main factors to consider when it comes to pricing and how you can calculate a fair price for customers who are interested in renting out your bounce houses and inflatables.

Physical Location

Where you plan to operate your bounce house business is very important when it comes to pricing. Pricing can vary city to city and state to state. When getting started it is important to do some market research and a simple internet search will offer you some insight into what other party rental businesses and bounce house business are charging to rent out their equipment and bounce houses. Busier cities with tighter roadways and more complex delivery locations may require higher delivery fees while more remote locations may charge additional fees, as well. Here are some examples of rental fees for a standard bounce house (jumping area only) including delivery from different cities across the US:

Los Angeles, CA: $220 / 6 hour rental

Miami, FL: $209 / 6 hour rental

Manhattan, NY: $215 / 6 hour rental

Cheyenne, WY: $195 / 6 hour rental

Austin, TX: $199 / 6 hour rental

Missoula, MT: $179 / 6 hour rental

Average Rental Fee: $202.83

Type Of Bounce House

The type of bounce house you have will directly influence the rental fee you can charge. For example, a small indoor toddler bounce house will differ in price from a giant waterslide with a slip ’n slide attachment. Larger units require much more effort and labor to deliver and set up than smaller units which will directly influence the price. The following are examples of inflatable units that may require a higher rental fee: detachable pool, dual line water slide, additional play areas, larger bouncing area or extra tall water slide. Lastly, commercial inflatables with unique designs that your competition does not offer or themed interchangeable art panels may require an additional rental fee, as well.

Type Of Party / Number of Guests

When booking customers, it’s always important to get all of the details about the type of party and how many guests are expected. A small backyard party will differ in effort and labor than a larger party at a formal event venue. The more kids that are expected to enjoy the fun of a bounce house, the more labor may be needed. You may require an additional fee for a bounce house attendant when many kids are expected at the party. Having a bounce house attendant will ensure the safety of the children and also prevent the bounce house from any unwanted overuse or even worse, damage. A bounce house attendant can make sure the bounce house is being properly and safely utilized with the weight capacity limits and head count in mind.

How Much Should I Charge To Rent A Bounce House?

There is a calculation you can use to give you a starting point when it comes to pricing out the rental fees for your bounce houses and inflatables. If you take the price you paid for the inflatable and divide it by ten, this will give you the rental fee you can charge your customers. For example, if you paid $3,000 for your bounce house, take that number and divide it by 10. This gives you a rental fee of $300. Remember, this is a starting point and you will now need to keep in mind the other factors covered in this blog post: physical location, type of bounce house, and type of party/number of guests.

{Cost of bounce house} / 10 = Rental Fee (without any additional costs)

We hope you feel more confident when it comes to pricing out the rental fee for your bounce houses. We have an extensive catalog of inflatables and commercial bounce houses to get your bounce house business up and running today. The sooner you get your first commercial inflatable, the sooner you will be collecting profits from your very first bounce house rentals!

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