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What Is The Difference Between Semi-Commercial & Commercial Inflatables?

What Is The Difference Between Semi-Commercial & Commercial Inflatables?

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Are you purchasing your very first inflatable? Or do you have many inflatables and are looking to add to your current inventory? Are you unsure of the difference between a semi-commercial inflatable and a commercial grade inflatable

Keep reading this blog if you would like to find out the difference between a semi-commercial inflatable and a commercial grade inflatable. Both options can suit a party rental business or event venue, but it is important to know the differences to find out which will be best for your business type. 

What is a semi-commercial inflatable? 

Semi-commercial inflatables are generally made of a lighter ounce PVC vinyl in all or some areas of the inflatable. Using a lighter ounce vinyl makes the inflatable weigh less which in turn makes the unit easier to transport, move around and setup. If you will be transporting and moving your inflatable around a lot and do not have any employees that will be helping you on the job, a semi-commercial inflatable may work best for you. Many customers prefer semi-commercial inflatables because they are lighter weight and are budget friendly. 

Does a lighter ounce PVC vinyl make the inflatable not last as long? Does that mean it's a cheaper inflatable that I will be replacing more often than a commercial grade inflatable? 

Not necessarily, no. Although the units are made in some areas with a lighter ounce PVC vinyl, it is usually the less trafficked areas of the unit that use this lighter ounce vinyl. For example, the jumping area experiences the most friction or use and these areas are usually made of the heavier ounce PVC vinyl. Using a lighter ounce PVC vinyl when building semi-commercial inflatables bring an amazing lightweight option to the market as well as a rental-friendly inflatable at a more economical price. We have many customers that actively maintain and take care of their semi-commercial inflatables and they last for many years just like commercial grade inflatables. 

What is a commercial grade inflatable?

Commercial grade inflatables are usually made of a heavier ounce PVC vinyl between 15 oz and 18 oz. They weigh more and may require more labor or effort to transport, set up and take down. This could be a pro or con depending on your business. If you have employees or help on the job with the use of an inflatable dolly or multi-mover dolly, a commercial inflatable would be a breeze to set up and take down. Commercial grade inflatables can be a bit challenging to set up on your own especially if it is a large unit like a combo or giant waterslide. The great thing about commercial grade inflatables is that they can last MANY years. Some of our customers have had their commercial grade inflatables for more than 15 years and we are not exaggerating! If you properly maintain, clean and store your inflatables, they can certainly last quite a long time. The heavier ounce PVC vinyl is extremely durable and its' strength is unmatched. 

 We have customers who are brand new to the party rental business start with both semi-commercial and commercial grade inflatables. It really depends on how much help you have, if you own an inflatable dolly and what your experience level is. Once you are a seasoned party rental business owner, you will almost exclusively invest in commercial grade inflatables. Although, semi-commercial inflatables are a great starter unit for those just getting their feet wet in the party rental industry or for those that prefer lightweight units!

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