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Crowd Control Fencing for Events

Crowd Control Fencing for Events

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Are you looking to expand your event rental inventory and invest in crowd control fencing? Have your clients been asking for some sort of temporary fencing solution? Do you wish to find practical ways to control crowds for large scale events and look good while doing it? 

We offer a variety of solutions for crowd control and temporary fencing. Keep reading this blog if you are interested to learn more about the crowd control solutions currently on the market for party rental and event rental professionals.

Traditional Temporary Fence

Simple and sturdy, the Mod-Traditional Fence is designed for indoor or outdoor use. The pristine white finish of these panels gives it a premium look and feel.

Our modular panels are pre-assembled and can be set up within minutes without any additional tools, allowing you to create secure enclosures in a variety of layouts and configurations.


  • Clean and pristine aesthetic to match any event
  • Sturdy, durable and portable
  • Easy to install with no tools required
  • Reusable and reconfigurable
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Customizable with vinyl fence wraps and decals

Picket Temporary Fence

 With a twist of modern elegance, add a touch of mid-century sophistication and American charm to your next event, fair, festival or parkland with the Mod-Picket Fence.

Simple and sturdy, the Mod-Picket Fence is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Our modular panels are pre-assembled and can be set up within minutes, without requiring any additional tools.

Use at amusement parks for crowd control, state fairs, hosted events, perimeter protection, outdoor space delineation and more!


  • Glossy and clean aesthetic to match any occasion
  • Strong, durable and moveable
  • Easy hook-in installation without tools
  • Reusable and reconfigurable
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Brand your fencing with printed vinyl fence wraps and decals

Black Tie Fencing

Tie Fencing is the perfect option to add a high end feel to any event. Designed from the ground up to present a classier and more prestigious look, this black tie fencing sets the standard in the premium fence market.

The black tie fencing is constructed from A500 steel for excellent strength and longer life. Each section of the fence is hand welded at our Ohio plant by local workers. The fence is then powder coated through a world class powder coating machine. The fencing and the base are both made from top quality 16 gauge carbon steel. This provides excellent strength while not adding unnecessary weight. Different crowds require different bases. We offer two different bases to ensure the right base for the right event.

Steel Fencing

Crowd control fencing offers an affordable yet durable solution for nearly any venue. The fencing is manufactured from high-quality 16 gauge carbon steel and then sealed with a hot-dipped galvanized bath. The steel and finish provide a sturdy fence that is weather resistant. Vertical steel bars provide additional strength and support. The male hooks that connect the fencing are double welded to ensure maximum strength. The outside tubular frame features saddle-cut welds for excellent fit and improved strength properties.

Each type of crowd control fencing has a different aesthetic and different functionality depending on the type of event you are catering to. Features to keep in mind are weight, dimensions, style and setup. If you are unsure which temporary fencing option is right for you, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!

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