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UV High Dilution Foam Glow

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Take your foam parties to the next level with UV High Dilution Foam Fluid – the same fantastic High Dilution Foam Fluid you love, now with a specially designed UV additive. This unique formula creates foam that comes to life under blacklight, giving your event an electrifying atmosphere.

Why UV High Dilution Foam Fluid is a Must-Have:

Glowing UV Effect: Enjoy a mesmerizing foam experience as it comes alive under blacklight, adding an unforgettable visual element to your parties.

Premium Dry Foam: Achieve top-quality, dry foam that's perfect for epic foam parties.

Effortless Dilution: Simply mix with clean water to achieve your desired foam thickness.

Flexible Dilution Options: You have control over the foam's consistency, with a dilution ratio of 1 part Foam Fluid to 50 parts water.

Long-Lasting Fun: With a guaranteed 3-year shelf life, you're ready for years of foam-tastic celebrations.

Size Options: Currently available in 1 Gallon size.

Get ready to immerse your guests in a UV foam wonderland with UV High Dilution Foam Fluid!

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 12 in
1 Gallon

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