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Introducing our durable and cost-effective lifting tool, designed to assist you in raising the frame and installing the legs of your tent. This practical tool serves as an affordable alternative to a tent jack, making the setup process of party tents much easier and more efficient.

Crafted from high-quality steel, our lifting tool is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide reliable performance. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and strength, allowing you to safely lift and position the tent frame without hassle.

Using the lifting tool is simple and straightforward. Just place it securely under the tent frame and apply upward pressure to raise the frame and align it with the tent legs. This convenient tool reduces the strain on your back and arms, making the setup process faster and more convenient.

Whether you're hosting a party, organizing an event, or setting up a temporary shelter, our lifting tool is an essential accessory that will save you time and effort. Make the installation of your party tent a breeze with our reliable and affordable lifting tool made from durable steel.

DIMENSION: L X 30 in W X 78 in H
Material: Steel Pipe Painted

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