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Experience the Thrill of Curling Anywhere with the Street Curling Express Rink!

Whether you're aiming for a friendly match or some competitive fun, Street Curling brings you the excitement of the Olympic sport of curling like never before. Our Express Rink takes the game to a whole new level with its innovative inflatable base and borders, making it perfect for use on uneven ground or grass.

Here's why the Street Curling Express Rink is the ultimate game-changer:

Bring Curling Anywhere: Thanks to its inflatable design, our Express Rink can be set up virtually anywhere, allowing you to quickly get your audience engaged in a thrilling game of curling. Whether you're planning an event, renting it out, or adding it to your venue, Street Curling is a game everyone will love.

Custom Branding: Make it your own! Our rinks are completely brandable, so you can add your unique touch to create a memorable experience. Whether it's for your rental inventory, event venue, bar, or restaurant, Street Curling will leave a lasting impression.

Quick and Easy Setup: Say goodbye to hours of setup and teardown. With just two people, you can have the Express Rink ready to go in just 30 minutes. It's portable and easily stored, making it a convenient choice for any occasion.

Versatile on Any Surface: Street Curling isn't picky. It works well on almost any surface, so you can enjoy the game wherever you please. Grass, uneven ground, you name it – Street Curling is up for the challenge!

Get ready to elevate your events and entertain your guests like never before with the Street Curling Express Rink. Curling has never been this accessible and exciting. Order yours today and bring the Olympic spirit to your next gathering!

All orders incur a 7% duty and customs fee that will be the customer's responsibility upon delivery. 

Included: 8 Stones (4) Red & (4) Blue
Dimensions: 28' x 9'

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