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Star Defender Removable Art Panel

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$149.00 - $239.00
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Elevate Your Inflatable's Appeal with Removable Art Panels

In the world of modular inflatables, versatility and visual appeal are paramount. That's why our Removable Art Panels are the perfect addition to your collection. Designed with kids in mind, these panels feature timeless themes that ignite young imaginations. Let's explore what makes our panels stand out:

Original Artwork: Our panels are adorned with captivating original artwork that captures the essence of childhood wonder. These designs are thoughtfully crafted to engage and delight kids of all ages.

UV Coated Hi-Res Digital Print: To ensure longevity and vibrancy, our panels boast UV coated high-resolution digital prints. This protective coating shields against the elements, allowing the artwork to retain its brilliance even after extended use.

Commercial-Grade Velcro: We understand the importance of easy installation and secure attachment. That's why our panels are equipped with commercial-grade Velcro. This feature guarantees a hassle-free and robust connection to your bounce house or combo.

Select Your Perfect Size: Choosing the right size panel is essential to achieving a seamless fit. To make the selection process straightforward, we offer various panel sizes to cater to your specific needs. If you find yourself uncertain about sizing, our dedicated sales representatives are readily available to provide guidance and ensure your purchase aligns perfectly with your inflatable.

Versatile and Engaging: Whether you're hosting a birthday party, school event, or community gathering, our Removable Art Panels add an extra layer of versatility and excitement to your inflatables. They're an excellent way to refresh your setup for different occasions and keep kids entertained.

Elevate the visual appeal of your modular inflatables and captivate young hearts and minds with our Removable Art Panels. Browse our selection of themes, choose the ideal size, and let your inflatables come to life with the magic of original artwork. It's a simple yet effective way to create memorable experiences for children and families alike.

Seller offers a 2-year limited warranty on all CEC-brand inflatable products sold by Seller in the following product categories: Slides, Water Slides, Obstacle Courses, Kid Combos & Jr. Combos, Bouncers & Combos, and Interactive Games. Seller offers a 1-year limited warranty for all other product categories of CEC-brand inflatable products, including any CEC-brand inflatable product used in an indoor environment commonly referred to as a "Family Entertainment Center" or similar, and further warrants that the inflatable supplied to you is free from:
a) Defects in the materials and the workmanship that is provided you in your cold-air inflatable.
b) Defects arising from the selection of materials or the process of manufacturing.
c) Defects in the design, in view of the state of the art on this date (artistic license excluded).

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