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Quick Facts:
  • 2.5″ Diameter Post
  • 11′ and 13′ Belt Options
  • ADA Compliant
Introducing the QueuePro Triple 250 Retractable Belt Stanchion, the world’s first triple belt barrier! Crafted to offer maximum control over pedestrian flow, its innovative triple belt configuration enhances the separation between runs in queuing corrals. Ideal for scenarios requiring distinct separation of opposing pedestrian flows, the QueuePro Triple 250 provides a cost-effective alternative to solid panels between posts. With its unique three-piece post construction, the lower belt cassettes are effortlessly replaceable in the field, ensuring ease of maintenance and durability. Elevate your crowd control solutions with the QueuePro Triple 250 for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Customizations Include:

  • Custom wrap
  • Custom labels & cassettes
  • Dye sublimation printing
  • Silk screen printing

Our belt cassette offers key safety features including a belt brake for slow belt retraction and a constant torque spring mechanism for smooth and silent belt retraction.

Universal belt end connects to all major brands and features a belt lock which prevents accidental belt release.

A full circumference rubber floor protector provides maximum protection for expensive show room floors.

Each stanchions features 4-way connectivity with one expandible belt and three universal connection splines.

Height 40"
Weight 30lb
Post OD 2.5"
Base OD 14"
Belt Width 2"
Belt Length 11' / 13'

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