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Play-A-Round Golf 3-Hole Mini Golf

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Original price $3,475.00
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Introducing Play-A-Round Golf 3-Hole Mini Golf: Where Fun Meets Competition!

Fore! Get ready to tee off on an unforgettable mini golf adventure with Play-A-Round Golf 3-Hole Mini Golf! Designed for enthusiasts of all ages, this inflatable mini golf course combines entertainment, competition, and skill for an engaging experience that can be enjoyed at any event, venue, or gathering.

Key Features:

  • Three Unique Holes: Play-A-Round Golf features three creatively designed holes, each presenting a unique challenge for golfers. From twists and turns to varying elevations, these holes are crafted to test players' putting skills and provide endless enjoyment.

  • Motorized Inflatable Windmill: Hole 3 comes to life with a motorized inflatable windmill, adding an exciting element of unpredictability to the game. Watch as the windmill spins, creating an extra layer of challenge for golfers aiming for that elusive hole-in-one.

  • Smooth, Inflated Surface: Unlike traditional mini golf courses with artificial turf, Play-A-Round Golf boasts an inflated surface. This innovative design ensures a smooth and consistent playing field while allowing players to walk around the putting surface without disturbing the ball. Plus, turning on the blower instantly transforms the area into a ready-to-play course.

  • Complete Set: The Play-A-Round Golf set includes everything needed for a memorable game: six miniature golf clubs, six golf balls, three hole cups, three tee squares, an accessories duffle bag, and a scorecard pad. The comprehensive kit ensures that players have all the equipment required for a fun and competitive golfing experience.

  • Easy Setup and Transportation: Setting up the Play-A-Round Golf 3-Hole Mini Golf is a breeze, thanks to the included 1-1.5 HP blower, top and bottom tie-down tether straps, anchors, and a heavy-duty bag. Its portable design allows for effortless transportation, making it an excellent choice for events, parties, and entertainment venues.

  • Certified and Approved: Rest assured that Play-A-Round Golf is NJ and PA Approved, meeting rigorous safety standards and regulations for inflatable play equipment. Safety and enjoyment go hand in hand on this exciting mini golf adventure!

Putt Your Skills to the Test: Experience Play-A-Round Golf Today!

Whether you're planning a corporate event, birthday party, or community gathering, Play-A-Round Golf 3-Hole Mini Golf adds a touch of friendly competition and entertainment to any occasion. Gather your friends, family, and colleagues for a golfing experience like no other and see who can conquer the challenging holes to emerge as the mini golf champion!

Ready to Tee Up the Fun? Order Your Play-A-Round Golf Set Now and Get Ready for a Hole-in-One Experience!

Please call for lead times. 

    This unit comes with 1-1.5 HP blower, (6) miniature golf clubs, (6) golf balls, (3) hole cups, (3) tee squares, (1) accessories duffle bag, (1) scorecard pad, top and bottom tie-down tether straps, anchors, a heavy duty bag, and repair kit.
    Height 7' 02"
    Width 22'
    Length 22'
    Weight 105 lbs
    Occupancy (max) 6
    Package Standard (as shown in photos), Premium (incl. loop-de-loop, spiral, & windmill holes)

    Seller offers a 2-year limited warranty on all CEC-brand inflatable products sold by Seller in the following product categories: Slides, Water Slides, Obstacle Courses, Kid Combos & Jr. Combos, Bouncers & Combos, and Interactive Games. Seller offers a 1-year limited warranty for all other product categories of CEC-brand inflatable products, including any CEC-brand inflatable product used in an indoor environment commonly referred to as a "Family Entertainment Center" or similar, and further warrants that the inflatable supplied to you is free from:
    a) Defects in the materials and the workmanship that is provided you in your cold-air inflatable.
    b) Defects arising from the selection of materials or the process of manufacturing.
    c) Defects in the design, in view of the state of the art on this date (artistic license excluded).

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