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Current Lead Time: 8 Weeks

The Mega Herc Inflatable Hand Truck is the big brother to our Big Herc Hand Truck. At the heart of the Big Herc is our brand new 1400W 36V direct drive electric motor along with a 20 Amp Hr LiFePO4 Lithium rechargeable battery pack. The result is a cart that can haul up to 1200 pounds and last through an entire work day. We built this cart with direct input from inflatable companies who make their living moving bounce houses. Overall it packs a serious punch of power. The Mega Herc also features industry specific features such as built in e-strap pockets and d-rings. There are numerous advantages of electric power over gas powered such as; zero maintenance, quiet operation, ease of use, zero emissions, and indoor/outdoor capabilities. All Overland Carts are built to professional grade standards and are backed by a 1 year limited warranty. 16” All Terrain Pneumatic (Air) Tires are standard.


  • 36V 1400W Direct Drive Motor – One of the most powerful motors on the market. Direct drive is the best design for efficiency and long term durability.
  • 36V Drive System – Offers improved battery life and incline performance.
  • Reinforced Transaxle – One of the strongest transaxles available for handling big loads day after day.
  • 1,200 lb capacity – Built to handle the biggest loads, even up large grass hills.
  • Removable Battery Pack – The only power hand truck on the market with a quick change removeable battery pack. Ensures that you always have power to get the job done.
  • 20 Amp Hr LiFePO4 Batteries – Featuring the latest lithium technology for improved performance and expected life.
  • 32″ Frame – The Mega Herc offers the biggest frame to hold inflatables, tables, chairs and sandbags. Haul more in less trips.
  • Oversize Footplate – 31″W x 15.5″D footplate for hauling large loads with confidence
  • E-Ratchet and D Ring Mounts – Built into the frame are mounts for both E-Ratchet straps and D-Ring straps. This allows for maximum load security.
  • Looped Handle Design & Kick Plate – Pulling back a load has never been easier than with our handles and kickplate.
  • Kickstand – Improve safety and cart stability when standing with our kickstand
  • 200A Controller – We offer one of the biggest and highest rated controllers to ensure that all the power makes it to wheels without anything getting overloaded.
  • Off board smart charger – Designed to charge the batteries in three phases for optimal battery life and health. Off board makes it easy to charge a second battery pack if needed.
  • 16″ All Terrain Tires – Kenda Terra Trac Tires are designed for excellent all around performance.
  • Winch – Our 3,500 lb winch features a 50 foot synthetic cable designed to work well with inflatables.

Easy to use – Power it on, twist the throttle and go.
Safe to Operate – Numerous safety features and a four wheel design set us apart.
Made in the USA – Quality you can feel. Manufacturing and support is all out of Archbold, OH.
All electric power – Zero emissions, zero fumes, and virtually no noise.
Minimal Maintenance – No oil filters, air filters, or gas to add. Just remember to plug it in.
All Day Battery – Operate the cart throughout the day on a single charge.
Massive Capacity – Load the cart up with 1200 lb of whatever you want.
Fully Assembled – All Overland Carts ship fully assembled.

Safety Features

  • SmoothStart – On acceleration, power is applied to the drive tires in a controlled manner ensuring a smooth start each time.
  • HillSense – Allows the cart to be safely used on inclines and declines. The cart will travel at the speed set by the user, not by the incline or decline.
  • AutoLock – An automatic parking brake locks the wheels when the throttle is not being applied. This feature prevents the cart from rolling away from the user and also provides easy loading and unloading on inclines and declines.
  • Emergency Stop – The red E-Stop button allows the user to immediately stop the progress of the cart.
  • Four Wheel Design – All Overland Carts have at least four wheels to provide maximum stability.
  • Overload Fuse – There is a built in overload fuse that measures the inputs of the drive system in real time. If the incline, load, or terrain begins to overwork the motor, a fuse will stop the cart and prevent any damage to the transaxle.
  • Throttle Controlled Braking – The braking is controlled by the throttle, simply let up on the throttle and the cart will slow down to the desired speed. To brake is automatically applied.
  • Throttle Defaults to Zero MPH – If the throttle is released for any reason, the throttle will automatically return to the zero MPH position and the cart will safely coast to a stop. AutoLock will then engage and the cart will be secure.
  • No open gears, belts, or hot components – The design of the cart keeps hands safe and prevents possible burns caused by hot engine components.
  • Tested Over Time – Overland Cart has been developing and building carts for 10 years. We know our carts and have developed them to be as safe as possible.

Additional Features

  • Heavy Duty Steel Chassis – The oversized chassis is built on a frame of welded steel designed to support and carry the largest inflatables.
  • Easy Start – Simply pull out the red E-stop button on the handle and the cart is immediately ready to drive.
  • Variable Speed Twist Throttle – Similar to a motorcycle throttle. Very easy to use and to control the speed.
  • Enclosed Gear Box – Gears are enclosed for maximum safety and durability. The transaxle is sealed for life and does not require any maintenance.
  • Direct Drive Motor – The smoothest and most reliable form of electric power is direct drive. No chains.
  • Manual Mode – Allows the cart to be operated without battery power.
  • Forward/Reverse – Direction can be selected from the toggle switch on the handlebar. The cart travels the same speed in either direction.
  • Near Silent Operation – The electric drive system is almost silent in its operation.
  • IMPROVED Battery Life – 6-8 hours of run time on a standard battery.
  • 110V Off Board Smart Charger – Charge the cart with an extension cord or plug it right in the wall. The smart charger design will ensure the battery is always charged safely and quickly.
  • Battery Life Indicator – LED lights ensure you always know the current battery status
  • Rechargeable AGM Sealed Lead Acid Batteries – Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are the most advanced batteries on the market and offer a spill-proof design.
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery Pack – Quickly swap battery packs or remove the battery pack to charge it.
  • Powder Coated Frame – The chassis is welded and powder coated in house for lasting finish
  • Heavy Duty 16″ All Terrain Tires – Perfect for all applications and air filled for added cushion.
  • Increased Tire Capacity – Each set of the flat free dual ag drive tires have a rating of 620 lb and the rear tires each have a rating of 300 lb. Total tire rating: 1,840 lb
  • Patented Design – Our carts feature patented designs and components. Ensuring top tier build quality and design on all genuine Overland Carts.

Motor: 1400W 36V Direct Drive Electric Motor
Drive: Single Reduction Open Differential Transaxle
Capacity on hard flat surfaces: 1200 lb (545 kg)
Speed: 0 – 3.5 mph / (0 – 5.6 kph), Variable
Static/Park Brake: Electromechanical, Fail Safe
Battery: Removable & Rechargeable 36V 20AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Charger: Off Board, 36V 5 Amp Smart Charger
Operating Time: 6-8 Hours (est)
Unit Dimensions Reclined: 39.5″ H x 34″ W x 80″ L
Unit Dimensions Upright: 73″ H x 34″ W x 49″ L
Tire Ratings: The all terrain tires each have a rating of 620 lb and the rear tires each have a rating of 300 lb. Total tire rating: 1,840 lb
Weight: 322 pounds

1 year – Powertrain, Electronics and Hopper
3 year – Chassis
Limited to manufacturing defects

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