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Medium Rent-A-Pop Cart

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Introducing the Medium Rent-A-Pop Cart—an ideal addition to complement your Paragon machine, ensuring added convenience and a seamless, professional appearance. Crafted for use in concession stands, events, or even at home, this purpose-built cart is meticulously designed to perfectly accommodate the size and design of your Paragon machine. Its powder-coated finish seamlessly matches your Paragon machine's paint, creating a unified and polished look.

Key Features:

  • Durable Steel Construction: Crafted entirely from steel, this cart guarantees durability and sturdiness, providing a reliable platform for your Paragon machine.

  • Smart Storage Solutions: Featuring a spacious storage area with two shelves, this cart ensures organized storage for your supplies, keeping everything within easy reach.

  • Enhanced Mobility: The inclusion of commercial-grade wheels allows for effortless mobility, enabling you to move your setup with ease for optimal positioning.

This Medium Rent-A-Pop Cart is not just a practical addition but also a visual enhancement, ensuring a complete and professional appearance for your Paragon machine setup. Simplify your setup, enhance mobility, and maintain a streamlined look with this purpose-built cart.


  • Integrated supplies storage in back
  • Large area for custom artwork
  • Commercial grade steel construction
  • Easier access than the pedestal stand
  • Greater mobility and extra convenience
  • More visible for impulse sales and merchandising
  • Chip resistant coating
  • One year warranty
  • Made in USA

Model: Medium Red Cart for Rent-A-Pop 8 Ounce Popper
Ideal Machines: Rent-A-Pop 8 Ounce Popper #1108150
Cart Dimensions WxDxH: 20.5” x 17” x 15”
Cart Footprint Dimensions (includes: handle, tray, wheels) WxDxH : 37.5 x 23" x 33"
Shipping Dimensions 25” x 25” x 26”
Wheels: 16"
Ship Wt.: 55 lbs.

1 Year

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