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Presenting the innovative Magic Lamp Lite – a seamless blend of form and function, merging the aesthetics of a conventional street light with the efficiency of our top-selling Evaporative Snow® Machine. Experience the captivating charm of a gentle snowfall in any setting.

The Magic Lamp Lite effortlessly transforms surroundings into a winter wonderland, casting a spellbinding snowfall effect. This enchanting experience is perfect for various settings – from adding cozy charm to homes, creating an inviting ambiance for businesses, enhancing theatrical productions, to crafting mesmerizing scenes in production studios.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Magic Lamp Lite, where visual appeal meets practical application. Elevate the atmosphere of diverse spaces and occasions with the enchanting snowfall effect of the Magic Lamp Lite.

*Light bulbs not included. Lamp heads may differ slightly.

Recommended Areas of Use
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, the Magic Lamp LITE is not designed to be left outdoors permanently. For best results and to extend the life of your machine, we recommend keeping the Magic Lamp LITE out of direct weathering elements. Great for entrances, exits, pathways, porches, near decor, and more!

Size of Unit
Approx. 7.5 ft. tall
Approx. 2 ft. at widest point
Weight: 25 lbs
Electrical Requirements
10 amp
110v circuits

Evaporative Time:
Seconds: 60-90 Seconds
Fluid Consumption:
Tank Capacity: 1/2 Gallon
Consumption: 30-45 mins per 1/2 Gallon tank at continuous usage

Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturers defects.

*Limited Lifetime Warranty valid when using fluids from Global Special Effects.

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