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HeatWave PHB48: High-Quality Propane Patio Heater

  • Impressive Heating: The HeatWave PHB48 delivers a substantial 48,000 BTUs of heat, ensuring it generates plenty of warmth for event spaces, restaurants, and patios. This makes it perfect for creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere, extending your outdoor enjoyment even on cooler evenings.

  • Durable Finish: With its high-quality, durable double hammered bronze finish, this patio heater not only provides heat but also adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. It's designed to withstand the elements and maintain its attractive appearance.

  • Easy Ignition: The piezoelectric ignition system makes starting the HeatWave PHB48 a breeze. You can quickly and easily ignite the heater, so you don't have to wait long for the warmth to kick in.

  • Safety Features: Safety is a top priority with the HeatWave PHB48. It's equipped with a safety auto shut-off tilt valve, which ensures that if the heater tilts or falls over, it will automatically turn off to prevent accidents. Additionally, it has a safety auto shut-off valve for when it runs out of gas, providing peace of mind.

  • Mobility: This patio heater comes with wheels, making it easy to move to different areas of your outdoor space. Whether you're reconfiguring your seating or need heat in various locations, its mobility ensures convenience.

  • Secure Base: The included brackets allow you to fix the base of the outdoor heater to your patio deck, adding extra stability and security, especially in windy conditions.

  • Propane Cylinder: Keep in mind that the 20-pound propane gas cylinder is sold separately. Be sure to have one on hand to fuel your patio heater and keep the warmth flowing.

  • Certified Safety: The HeatWave PHB48 is CSA certified, confirming that it meets rigorous safety standards, providing you with confidence in its safe operation while you enjoy the outdoors.

Heat Output 48000 BTU
Fuel Type Propane
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Weight 35 lbs.
Assembly Required YES
Heat Method Infrared
Dim 32x87x18
Color Bronze
Wall Clearance 36 in
Free Standing

For one (1) year from date of purchase, we warrant any original component part or parts of its portable evaporative coolers (the “Equipment”) that are found, upon examination by factory-authorized personnel, to be defective in material or workmanship.

If the Equipment and/or its original component parts develop a defect covered by this limited warranty within the applicable time periods described above, the same may be repaired by the customer after receiving the appropriate parts or entirely replaced with a new product.

All transportation charges for shipment of the equipment and/or its component parts that are submitted for replacement or repair under this warranty must be borne by the purchaser.

This warranty is void if: i) the equipment and/or its component parts are found to have been misused, abused, repaired by or tampered with by unqualified personnel; ii) any of the equipment’s component parts have been replaced with parts that were not authorized replacement parts; iii) the product has been modified in any way; iv) the equipment has not been appropriately registered by its original purchaser; or v) the customer cannot show proof of purchase as the equipment’s original owner.

Register your equipment within 14 days of receipt to guarantee coverage.

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