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The HD-1 Searchlight stands out as the most luminous and environmentally friendly searchlight in its category, emitting an impressive 1.3 billion candlepower while consuming only 9.4 amps at 120V. Its versatility allows for a wide range of applications, from traditional searchlight promotions to creative aerial displays, grand opening events, artistic wall mapping, sporting event lighting, enhancement for restaurants and bars, fundraising activities, concert enhancements, memorial services, wedding receptions, architectural lighting projects, and much more!

Model: HD-1
Power: 9.4 Amps @ 120V
Weight: Approx. 112 lbs
Dimensions: 36″H x 22″W x 22″L
Construction: Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Beam Diameter: 18″ (Nearly 30% bigger than competitor models)
Beam Visibility: 1-28 miles
Noise Level: >5db(A)
360º Rotation: 0-20 RPM (Reversible/Fully Adjustable/Variable)
Projection: -90º straight down to +90º straight up
Beam Candlepower: 1.3 Billion

1 Year Limited

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