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Introducing the DJ Special Effects Package: Elevate your DJ performances to new heights with this incredible bundle designed specifically for musical maestros and performers. Whether you're spinning tunes at weddings, events, or club nights, this package is your ticket to an unforgettable show. Here's what's included:

MyStage 4'x12' Portable Stage: Make a grand entrance with the MyStage Portable Stage. This compact yet versatile stage is perfect for DJ setups, creating a dynamic focal point for your performance. It's also an excellent choice for drummers in need of a reliable and stylish drum riser. With MyStage, you can take your show to the next level, providing both visual appeal and a practical platform for your musical prowess.

F-1500 LED Fog Machines: The F-1500 LED Fog Machine takes fog effects to a whole new level by combining the power of a robust fog machine with captivating LED lights. Create an immersive atmosphere that engages your audience and amplifies the energy of your performance. With two of these fog machines, you'll have the capability to fill your stage with mesmerizing fog and vibrant LED colors, enhancing the visual impact of your DJ sets.

Lifetime Warranty: We understand the importance of reliability in the world of live performances. That's why we're offering a lifetime warranty on this package, giving you peace of mind that your equipment will continue to dazzle audiences for years to come.

Free Shipping: We're making it even easier for you to take your performances on the road by offering free shipping on this package. Whether you're gigging locally or touring, you can count on us to get your equipment to you without any extra costs.

MyStage 4'x12' Portable Stage
(2) F-1500 LED Fog Machines
(2) 1 Gallon Long Lasting Fog Fluid

 Prepare to wow your audience with an unforgettable visual and musical experience. The DJ Special Effects Package is your key to creating dynamic, engaging performances that leave a lasting impression. From the eye-catching MyStage Portable Stage to the mesmerizing fog and LED effects of the F-1500 machines, this package is your ultimate toolkit for taking center stage and delivering incredible DJ sets. Elevate your performances, and let your music shine like never before.

F-1500 LED Fog Machine
Electrical Requirements:
110V 50/60hz
Power: 1500W
Effect Output:
20,000 cu.ft/min
Effect Projection:
Approximately 11 meters
Fluid Capacity: 2 liters
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 13 in

MyStage 4'x12' Portable Stage
Stage Size: 4'x12'
Individual Deck: 4’x4’
Min height 4”
Max height 28”.
Total Decks: 3
Micro height adjustments start at 17"
Individual Deck Weight: 43lbs.
Total Weight: Approx. 129 lbs.
2'x4' footprint: can fold for storage

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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