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Transporting and storing your portable dance floor has never been easier than with our Deluxe Dance Floor Cart. This specially designed cart streamlines the process, making it a breeze to move and organize all your dance floor sections and borders, including the subfloor. Here's why our cart is a game-changer:

Impressive Load Capacity: The Deluxe Dance Floor Cart is engineered to carry a substantial amount of dance floor components. It can accommodate:

  • 25 sections of 3' x 4' dance floor
  • 25 sections of 4' x 4' dance floor
  • Plus, it has room for all your border pieces

With this cart, you can efficiently transport and store all your dance floor essentials in one go, saving you time and effort.

Durable and Sturdy: Our cart is built to last. It's constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of repeated use, ensuring your investment is a long-term solution for your dance floor transportation needs.

Streamlined Mobility: Thanks to its well-thought-out design, the Deluxe Dance Floor Cart offers excellent mobility. Its sturdy wheels make it easy to move even when fully loaded, so you can effortlessly transport your dance floor sections to your event space.

Efficient Organization: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple trips or storing dance floor components separately. Our cart allows you to keep everything in one place, ensuring your dance floor is always ready for your next event.

Invest in Convenience: When it comes to event planning and setup, convenience is key. Our Deluxe Dance Floor Cart is a valuable addition to your equipment lineup, streamlining your workflow and saving you time and energy.

Make transporting and storing your portable dance floor a breeze with our Deluxe Dance Floor Cart. Invest in the convenience and efficiency that event professionals rely on.

Load Capacity
25 – 3' x 4' sections
25 – 4' x 4' sections
Plus all border pieces

52" Length X 33" Wide X 36" High

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