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Iowa grown yellow, butterfly popcorn is golden and crispy on the outside and tender inside. The kernels produce generously-sized butterfly popcorn attributed to its perfect 43 expansion ratio and 14% moisture rate.

Ideal for movie theaters, fairs, carnivals, concession stands or your home. Paragon and Country Harvest gourmet popcorn is non-GMO popcorn.​

Gourmet quality popcorn grown in Iowa - Non-GMO popcorn kernels
Great for concession stands, small theaters, and fundraising events

Exclusively grown in the the Midwest, USA
Great cost saver! Use with our coconut or canola oil and buttery salt.

Expansion Rate: 43
Moisture Content: 14%
Kernel Size: 69 K
Kosher Certification is OU-D

For 4 ounce popcorn poppers use 1/4 cup oil & 1/2 cup popcorn.*
For 6 ounce popcorn poppers use 1/4 cup oil & 3/4 cup popcorn.*
For 8 ounce popcorn poppers use 1/3 cup oil & 1 cup popcorn.*
For 12 ounce popcorn poppers use 1/2 cup oil & 1 1/2 cups popcorn.*
For 14 ounce popcorn poppers use 1/2 cup oil & 1 3/4 cups popcorn.*
For 16 ounce popcorn poppers use 2/3 cup oil & 2 cups popcorn.*
For 20 ounce popcorn poppers use 3/4 cup oil & 2 1/2 cups popcorn.*

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