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Cotton Candy Floss

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Indulge in our premium Cotton Candy Floss, crafted from a special sugar blend that strikes the perfect balance—neither too fine nor too coarse—for that fluffy, delightful treat.

Why Choose Our Floss Sugar?

  • Sealed Easy-Pour Bottle: Say goodbye to messy mixing and unsanitary sugar buckets! Our floss sugar comes in a convenient, sealed bottle designed for effortless pouring directly into your cotton candy machine's spinner head.

  • Ready-to-Use Convenience: No more hassle with mixing! Our pre-mixed sugar blend contains the perfect combination of sugar, flavoring, and coloring. Simply pour and spin—no additional mixing required. Plus, the re-closable bottle maintains freshness for your next sweet-making session.

Perfect for Fun Events:

This ready-to-use floss sugar bottle is your go-to for fairs, carnivals, stadiums, and any other lively events where delicious cotton candy adds that extra touch of joy and sweetness.

Variety at Your Fingertips:

Choose from our array of 8 different flavors or opt for the Variety Pack, which includes all eight tantalizing options.

Elevate your cotton candy-making experience with our hassle-free, deliciously crafted Cotton Candy Floss. Perfectly blended, effortlessly poured—bring sweetness and fun to your events with every delightful spin!

4 pounds

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