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The Pro Series has a stainless steel body and a foam lining to prevent sweating and keep products colder longer. 


Removable acrylic lid with pivot hinges
Clear lid to showcase your productIncludes three sixth-size steam pans, 4" deep,
NSF4 Foam used between liners to prevent unit from sweating and keep product colder longer
Can use ice packs or simply use cubed ice to ensure product stays cold all day
Rubber feet used to protect placement surface
Superior weld
Use for any cold or non refrigerated itemsHeavy duty plastic pump which dispenses one-ounce per pumpIncludes a red and yellow sticker to indicate ketchup and mustard
Dispenser can be used with gallon size condiment jugs

Actual Dimensions WxDxH Condiment Server: is 21.25"w X 9"d X 8" h
Shipping Dimensions WxDxH: 40” x 11” x 13"
Ship Wt.: 32
Stainless steel inner lining and outer shell

1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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