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Boxing Gloves

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The Boxing Gloves designed for use with the Boxing Bouncer inflatable come with specific guidelines to ensure safety and enjoyment for users. Here are the details:

Boxing Gloves for Boxing Bouncer Inflatable

  1. Entertainment Use:
    These boxing gloves are intended for entertainment purposes only and are not meant for professional boxing competitions. They are designed to provide fun and enjoyment while using the Boxing Bouncer inflatable.

  2. Prohibited Areas:
    Users are strictly prohibited from punching the neck and head area while wearing these gloves. It's essential to avoid targeting sensitive areas to prevent injuries and ensure a safe experience.

  3. Headgear Requirement:
    To enhance safety and minimize the risk of head injuries, it is mandatory for users to wear appropriate headgear when using these boxing gloves. Headgear provides additional protection and reduces the impact on the head during play.

  4. Age Restriction:
    These boxing gloves are suitable for individuals aged 12 years and above. It's important to adhere to the minimum age requirement to ensure that users have the necessary physical coordination and understanding of safety guidelines while using the inflatable.



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