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8' Black Tie Fencing 20-Pack

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Granite Black Tie Fencing is the perfect option to add a high end feel to any event. Designed from the ground up to present a classier and more prestigious look, this black tie fencing sets the standard in the premium fence market.

The black tie fencing is constructed from A500 steel for excellent strength and longer life. Each section of the fence is hand welded at our Ohio plant by local workers. The fence is then powder coated through a world class powder coating machine. Since the powder coating is done in house, we have the unique ability to offer the fence in nine dynamic colors.

Different crowds require different bases. We offer two different bases to ensure the right base for the right event.

Flat – The flat base foot option is a perfect option for directing people to the proper location. Designed to run parallel with the traffic the flat base is less of a tripping hazard and can also be ran over by vehicles and hand carts. 2 base feet per 8 foot section

Arch – The arch base is ideal for crowd control where the crowd will be pushing against the fence. This bridge-style base provides maximum stability and is great option for outdoor settings where the fence might be set on grass or uneven surfaces. Granite uses one wide arch and one narrow arch per fence. This allows for overlapping and quicker fence setup. 1 wide arch and 1 narrow arch per 8 foot section.


16 Gauge Steel Construction – The fencing and the base are both made from top quality 16 gauge carbon steel. This provides excellent strength while not adding unnecessary weight.

Bolt-on Versatile Bases – The bases bolt on for easy installation and tear down. If a base gets bent or damaged it can be replaced without replacing the entire fence. Granite also offers the bases as a separate purchase if there is a different application that requires a different base.

Double Welded Male Hooks – The hooks that hold different sections of fencing together are double welded for additional strength. They are welded on both sides of the frame. This provides reinforcement at the pivot points of the fence.

Saddle-Cut Frames – One of the best ways to join two tubular sections of metal is a saddle-cut weld. This provides a much stronger fusion than a simple straight cut spot weld.

Powder Coating – The powder coating process adds an additional layer of protection to the steel. The process helps protect the steel from rust and other weathering elements.

Fence Dimensions – Each crowd control panel is 8 feet long by 3 feet tall (8’L x 3’H). The feet add an additional 8″ of height to each panel. With the feet properly installed each panel is 8 feet long an 44″ tall (8’L x 44″H). Each foot provides the same additional height.

Five Year Warranty – Backed by an industry leading warranty, our fencing is built to last. The 5 year limited warranty covers any defect due to faulty material or workmanship.

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