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7' Mod-Sport Outfield Fencing

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Introducing the Mod-Sport 7ft Outfield Fence – your ultimate solution for versatile and hassle-free sports field setup! Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and hello to seamless flexibility with our modular and portable outfield fence system.

Crafted for convenience, the Mod-Sport is designed to be lightweight and freestanding, making it the ideal choice for both natural and synthetic turf. Whether it's baseball, pickleball, softball, soccer, or any other sport, our fence system adapts effortlessly to any field size, ensuring a tailored experience for every game.

Choose from two stylish fence mesh colors, black or white, to complement your field aesthetic. Thanks to our innovative PVC portable sport fence panels, installation is a breeze – no tools required! Now, you can effortlessly host teams and leagues of all ages without any hassle.

Safety is paramount, which is why our Mod-Sport Fence system features special TechnoTip™ joints. These joints not only ensure a secure setup but also fold flat upon impact, minimizing the risk of injuries. Plus, with easy transportation and storage in mind, you can take your fence wherever the game takes you!

With Mod-Sport, adaptability is key. Change up your outfield fence layout in a matter of minutes between games, giving you the freedom to customize the field according to your needs. Invest in the perfect reusable outfield fence that caters to any field size or age group – invest in Mod-Sport today!

Experience the feather-light convenience of Mod-Sport temporary outfield fencing, tipping the scales at a mere 17lbs. per panel. Contrast that with traditional wood and metal fencing, which can burden you with 2 to 3 times more weight. Your back will certainly thank you for choosing Mod-Sport!

Clean For Your Green
Revolutionize your field with Mod-Sport Field Fencing. Patented mesh material ensures maximum durability, while white PVC frames offer a clean aesthetic. Maintenance is a breeze – simply hose off dirt or gently scrub for tougher stains. Keep your field pristine with Mod-Sport.

Elevate your little league field with our prefab sport fence panels – versatile and reusable, they adapt seamlessly to any age group. The best part? Easily switch up your layout in minutes between games for ultimate flexibility.

Fast Installation
Experience lightning-fast installation with Mod-Sport temporary outfield fencing – no tools required. Lightweight and effortlessly movable, Mod-Sport Fencing is the ultimate choice for sporting and outdoor events at high schools, universities, parks, community leagues, and sport complexes of any size.


  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Portable, Reusable and Reconfigurable
  • Easy to Transport and Store
  • Will Not Warp, Rust or Corrode
  • UV Inhibitors, Titanium Dioxide Additive
  • High Impact Modifiers
  • Collapses on Impact During On-Field Collision
  • Simple to Clean with Common Household Cleaners
  • Display Signs and Sponsorship Banners at Sporting Events

Also available in 10.5'. Please contact us directly for a quote. 

Product Type Mod-Sport Fence System Compatible
Fence Panel Style Mod-Sport 7ft Fence Panel - White Mesh
Fence Panel Material Compounded PVC Frame / Mesh Polypropylene Copolymer
Fence Panel Dimensions 7'L x 48"H x 1.75W
Fence Panel Weight 15 lbs.
Mod-Sport Fencing comes with special TechnoTip™️ joints that allow the base to fold flat, preventing potential injuries upon impact and allows for simple transportation and storage.

1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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