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Elevate the excitement at your next big outdoor event with the 37' Super Slide — an adventure that's not just for kids but tailored for teens and adults alike. This towering, colorful unit redefines fun with its two thrilling super slide lanes and a challenging climbing lane that beckons all thrill-seekers.

Height Beyond Measure: Standing at towering heights, the 37' Super Slide ensures that every descent is nothing short of heart-pounding. Its grandeur beckons those with an appetite for adventure, offering not one but two exhilarating super slide lanes that promise a race to the finish line. Meanwhile, the climbing lane poses a formidable challenge for those who dare to conquer it.

Customizable Colors: Your event is unique, and the 37' Super Slide is ready to match your vision. Easily customize the colors to complement your theme and create a vibrant, eye-catching centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Built for Durability: This isn't just an inflatable; it's a commercial-grade adventure built to withstand the rigors of outdoor events. Crafted from 18.5oz anti-tear vinyl with an anti-microbial formulation, it ensures durability without compromising on safety. Double-stitched reinforced seams and ultra-heavy-duty baffles stand strong, guaranteeing a long-lasting attraction.

Safety Redefined: Safety remains a top priority. The 37' Super Slide employs lead-safe vinyls and flame-retardant materials, ensuring that every participant can enjoy their adventure worry-free. The patented CAS System (U.S. Patent #7,300,354) takes safety even further, preventing rapid deflation in the event of a power loss, providing peace of mind to all involved.

A Comprehensive Adventure Package: With the 37' Super Slide, you're not just acquiring an inflatable; you're embracing a complete adventure package. It includes three robust 1.5 HP blowers to keep the excitement flowing, top and bottom tie-down tether straps for stability, reliable anchors to secure the adventure in place, a heavy-duty bag for effortless storage, and a repair kit to address any unexpected challenges.

Reach for the Skies: The 37' Super Slide isn't just an attraction; it's a statement of thrilling entertainment for teens and adults. It's your invitation to reach for the skies, embrace the adventure, and create unforgettable memories. So, elevate your event with this towering masterpiece and watch as laughter, exhilaration, and unforgettable moments soar to new heights.

Please call for lead times. Special order item.

    The USCPSC has a mandatory requirement for inflatable slides: "Inflatable rides need a sealed chamber to prevent the rapid collapse of ceiling and walls onto the rider if the electronic power to the blower(s) fails." Slides without CAS will deflate rapidly after 5 minutes of air loss, but a slide with CAS remains firm, even after 5 minutes of air-loss".

      This unit comes with 3-1.5 HP blowers, top and bottom tie-down tether straps, anchors, a heavy duty bag, and repair kit.
      Height 37' 00"
      Width 24’
      Length 51’6”
      Weight 1,197 lbs
      Upper Deck Height 25’
      Patron Height (min/max) 42"/76"
      Suggested Maximum Weight per Patron 200 lbs
      Occupancy (max) 4 Patron(s)

      Seller offers a 2-year limited warranty on all CEC-brand inflatable products sold by Seller in the following product categories: Slides, Water Slides, Obstacle Courses, Kid Combos & Jr. Combos, Bouncers & Combos, and Interactive Games. Seller offers a 1-year limited warranty for all other product categories of CEC-brand inflatable products, including any CEC-brand inflatable product used in an indoor environment commonly referred to as a "Family Entertainment Center" or similar, and further warrants that the inflatable supplied to you is free from:
      a) Defects in the materials and the workmanship that is provided you in your cold-air inflatable.
      b) Defects arising from the selection of materials or the process of manufacturing.
      c) Defects in the design, in view of the state of the art on this date (artistic license excluded).

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