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Tent stake storage can be quite the issue for many tent rental companies. The Tent Stake Rack from American Cart is designed to tackle that exact issue. We took input from the tent industry and put together a solution that maximizes storage and versatility. Built from the ground up on a all-steel chassis, the cart is built to withstand up to 100 tent stakes (2″ heads, 40″ long, 10 lbs each). Easily stack tent stakes in the cart, alternating end for end. E-ratchet strap brackets are built into the cart. This adds another level of security to the load and can aid in quicker loading and unloading. E-Track ratchet straps are not included with the cart but can easily be added. A fork lift can easily get its forks under the unit to make the units easily transportable in a warehouse.


28″ Steel Legs – 20 inch usable leg height provides ample space for tent stake storage
Massive Capacity – Stack over 100 tent stakes into one rack.
Stackable – Units are stackable up to three high. Increase storage space without increasing footprint size.
Fork Lift Ready – Each unit can easily be lifted by a fork truck
E-Track Ready – Ratchet Strap System built in to the cart. Secures the load.
Rolling Rack Compatible – Add the rolling base for easy moving.


Dimensions: W: 35” D: 23” H: 28”
Inside: W: 28” D: 16” H: 20”
Weight: 53 lbs.
Capacity: 1,500 lbs. / Approximately 100 stakes
Typically Ships: Freight; fully assembled

3 year limited warranty

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