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Introducing the 20x40 Compact Frame Tent: Where Classic Meets Efficiency

Elevate your event experience with our 20x40 Compact Frame Tent, a modern twist on the classic commercial frame tent. This tent combines the timeless appeal of traditional party and event tents with enhanced efficiency, making it a must-have for party rental businesses and event venues.

Efficient Design for Seamless Setup: The Compact Frame Tent is ingeniously designed for effortless setup and takedown. Its more compact dimensions ensure efficient shipping and transportation, saving you time and effort during event preparations. With fewer parts and fittings, you can assemble this tent swiftly, allowing you to focus on creating the perfect event ambiance.

Versatile Installation on Any Surface: This commercial frame tent is incredibly versatile, capable of being set up on both hard and soft surfaces. Whether your event is in a backyard, park, or any other location, this tent adapts, providing consistent shade and comfort to your guests.

Premium Shade and Privacy: Crafted from high-quality 16 oz. blockout PVC vinyl, this tent guarantees consistent shade for your guests, enhancing their overall comfort. The blockout feature not only provides excellent shade but also ensures privacy, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere for weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and various other events.

Ideal for Various Occasions: The 20x40 Compact Frame Tent is a versatile addition to your inventory, suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether it's a romantic wedding, lively birthday celebration, or sophisticated corporate event, this tent provides the perfect backdrop for memorable moments.

Confidence in Quality and Durability: Constructed from premium materials, this frame tent offers exceptional durability. Its robust design ensures stability even in varying weather conditions, allowing you to host events with confidence, regardless of the outdoor elements.

A Superior Choice for Your Events: Choosing the 20x40 Compact Frame Tent means choosing efficiency, elegance, and reliability. Elevate your event setup with this modern and efficient tent, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests.

Upgrade your event offerings and make a statement with the 20x40 Compact Frame Tent, your go-to solution for creating exceptional event spaces.

*Stakes and ratchet straps  included: 

- (12) 1"x 42" Stakes and (12) 1" Ratchets

- Tent top rope attached to the top for hanging sidewalls. 

Commercial Grade
Weight: 650 lbs.
20 ft L X 40 ft W X 12 ft H
2” Diameter Aluminum Poles
16 oz. PVC blockout vinyl tent top
Fire Retardant and UV Protected
Tent Legs - 6' 8"
Hip Rafters - 14' 4"
Rafters - 10' 6"
Spreaders - 9' 4"
Occupancy: 80 Sit Down Dinner - 133 Cathedral Seating

1 Year Limited Warranty for Manufacturers Defects

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