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Indoor/Outdoor-Set of 2

Enhance any area with the lush green beauty of our grass artificial wall mats. Measuring an impressive 20" x 20" per square, each set includes two interconnecting mats, allowing you to cover a large space or create unique configurations. Whether you're looking to add vibrancy to a wall, spruce up your desk, or add depth to a bedroom, these mats are the perfect solution.

With their rich and luscious green color, these mats bring a fresh and vibrant look to any space. The realistic grass design creates a natural and soothing ambiance, making them ideal for creating a living wall or adding a touch of nature indoors. They are also suitable for outdoor use, allowing you to transform a dull fence or patio into a visually appealing and inviting space.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our grass artificial wall mats are durable and long-lasting. They require minimal maintenance, providing you with a hassle-free solution for adding greenery to your surroundings. The interconnecting design allows for easy installation and customization, giving you the flexibility to create your desired layout.

These mats are not only decorative but also versatile, making them a great option for DIY projects and crafts. Let your creativity soar and explore various applications, such as creating unique wall art, designing themed party backdrops, or adding a touch of green to your craft projects.

Add a fresh and vibrant touch to your space with our grass artificial wall mats. Whether you're seeking to create a stunning living wall or simply infuse color and depth into any area, these mats are sure to bring beauty and life to your surroundings. Embrace the natural appeal and endless possibilities they offer, and let your imagination run wild.

Width: 20 In.
Height: 20 In.
Depth: 1 In.

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