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Protects + insulates for added insurance.

Keep the groundsheet of your 6M bell tent extra clean and dry during set-up with our durable ground tarp. The footprint also provides extra protection to your bell tent floor - things like sticks, rocks, and other sharp or rough objects.

The waterproof footprint works well under canvas bell tents without any overhang. Simply lay it down before setting up your tent. Be sure to match up the door of your tent to the door side of the tarp.


  • Each corner includes a ribbon to optionally stake down the tarp
  • Included tarp storage bag with draw-string closure
  • Spray clean with a hose to clean and let air dry before packing up

Material: 180 gsm weighted polyethylene
19.5' (6M) diameter [16' (5M) sizes available here]
Color: Black
Ground pegs not included
Shipping weight: 10 lbs.

Compatible with the following brands: Life inTents, White Duck, Boutique Bell, Canvas Camp, Stout Tent, Danchell tents, and all other standard sized 6M Bell Tents.

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