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An Eco-Friendly and Natural Yurt Tent Mat

This eco-friendly bell tent floor rug helps to create a cozy atmosphere inside of your yurt tent. Constructed of coconut fiber, these rugs are naturally strong, water resistant and help to keep your tent insulated.

These rugs are made in a "half-moon" semi-circle shape to cover 1/2 of a 16-foot (5M) yurt tent floor. Grab two half-moons to cover the entire floor of your tent.

These rugs don't have a latex or rubbing backing on the either side, so they can rotated over as needed to utilize each side.

Color: Naturally Golden Beige
Design: Panama weaved criss-cross pattern
Material: Vycom Coir yarn (coconut husk fibers - an alternative to jute).

Piece Count: One-Single Half-Moon Rug

  • Adds natural golden brown beauty to a bell tent interior.
  • Creates a comfortable soft cushion on top of the tent floor.
  • Adds insulation between the tent and damp, cold ground
  • Hand-woven design
  • 100% Natural & bio-degradable
  • Simple to clean
  • Quick to install - unroll, align and set in place
  • Single 1/2 moon mat. Buy 2 half moons to fully cover the floor a standard 5M (16 ft.) bell tent
  • Rug designed to easily insert around center pole.
  • Care: Sweep or vacuum. Spot clean with water. Dry flat on on a line in the sun.

Note: This is One “half-moon” semi-circle piece. Order two half-moon rugs for total floor coverage.
Fits 5-Meter (16-foot) yurt tents
Material: 100% natural Vycom coir yarn (coconut husk fibers) with brown cotton edging around the perimeter
Weave Pattern: Panama (criss-cross);
Half-moon measurement: 7.9 ft x 15.7 ft (2.4mx4.8m)
Weight: 37.5 lbs each half-moon (2 = 75 lbs.)

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