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Protect your canvas and insulate your tent with our 5M bell tent rain fly. Reduces cleaning and prolongs the lifespan of your canvas by protecting your bell tent from tree sap, bird droppings, mildew, UV rays and snow. This tent shade cover also helps to reduce internal bell tent temperatures during hot summer days and helps to insulate during cold nights.

Simply drape this over your tent prior to inserting the center pole and then run the included guy lines to the same ground pegs being used to support your bell tent guy lines. Otherwise use a long pole and a friend and drape it over your already pitched tent.

This bell tent fly can also be set-up on its own to create a 16 foot shade structure by a adding 10’ center pole, a 5.5” entry pole and using 12 tent pegs for the guy lines.

Even temporary use of a fly while your tent is not in use can improve the longevity of your canvas.


Compatible with both Stella and Fernweh models.

5 Meter Tent Fly
12 x nylon guy line ropes
Carrying bag
Poles and ground stakes NOT included

How To Attach The Bell Tent Rain Fly:
Remove the center pole of your bell tent
Lay the fly over the top of your tent
Find the metal grommet hole of the fly and place over the A-frame door frame peg (which holds the rain cap)
Insert the center pole of your bell tent
Extend the guy lines from the tent fly to the appropriate tent fly stake (the fly and tent will share the same ground peg)
Tighten each guy line.
Replace rain cap over door.

Polyester 420D Oxford
Color: White
Dimensions (when set-up):
Center: 9’8” tall with pole
Door": 5’6” tall with pole (ideally your 5M bell tent door is similar)
Width: 16.5' diameter
Compatible with the following brands: Life inTents, Boutique Bell, Canvas Camp and Stout Tent. Will not work well as a White Duck fly cover.

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