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15x15 Marquee Frame Tent

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Introducing Our 15x15 Marquee Frame Tent: Where Elegance Meets Convenience

Elevate your events with our 15x15 high peak frame tent, a testament to both elegance and functionality. Unlike traditional tents, our innovative design utilizes tension cross cables to support the center pole, eliminating the need for a center pole on the floor. This not only creates a sophisticated high peak look but also provides a spacious and clear open floor, perfect for various occasions.

Setting up and taking down your event space has never been easier. With fewer fittings and parts compared to conventional tents, our Marquee tent simplifies the process. Just two people can assemble the 15x15 tent in a mere 15 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Materials of Superior Quality:

  • Tent Top: Crafted from Commercial grade, 16 oz, Fire Retardant, UV Resistant, Block-Out vinyl material, guaranteeing durability and safety.
  • Frames & Poles: Constructed with 2.5" anodized aluminum tubes, providing stability and strength.
  • Corner Fitting and Foot Plate: Made from cast aluminum, ensuring robust support for your tent structure.

Safety Assurance:

Our commitment to safety is paramount. All our tents utilize Fire Retardant and UV Resistant vinyl materials, exceeding the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association for fire-resistant properties. Enjoy your events with peace of mind, knowing that safety is our top priority.

Create unforgettable moments under the elegant shelter of our 15x15 Marquee Frame Tent, where sophistication meets simplicity, and celebrations become extraordinary.

DIMENSION: 15 ft L X 15 ft W X 17 ft H
MAXIMUM CAPACITY: A 15'x15' Marquee Frame Tent accommodates 25 people for sit down dinners, 32 people for buffet style dinners, or 50 for stand up & cocktail style dinners.

Includes: 15'x15' Tent Top, Frames & Poles, Cables, Fittings, Ratchets, Foot Plates & Stakes.

We are confident that all of our units will have superior durability and are all made to last. We believe that all units purchased from us are of the highest quality standards. To help ensure that your units will last, we include a one-year limited warranty on our commercial grade inflatables and tents, ninety (90) Days on residential inflatables and tents. We will repair all units with issues resulting from defects in workmanship such as seam tears and openings and fabric tears. We will repair all units with such defects at no cost. Units that have any form of damage resulting from improper or unsafe use, improper storage, accidents, vandalism, etc. are not covered by warranty. Zipper defects are typically not covered under warranty.

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