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Introducing the 15x15 Grizzly Tarp – your ultimate solution for durable and versatile coverage in various applications.

Key Features:

Superior Grade Durability: Grizzly Tarps are crafted from a superior-grade polyethylene weave with a tight 8x8 sq. inch pattern. This design ensures exceptional durability, making these tarps a long-lasting choice for your coverage needs.

Lightweight and Easy Handling: Despite their rugged construction, Grizzly Tarps remain lightweight and easy to handle. This quality simplifies transportation, setup, and takedown, ensuring convenience in various applications.

Enhanced Tear Resistance: To provide added protection against tears during demanding applications, Grizzly Tarps feature reinforced border piping. This reinforcement reinforces the tarp's ends, making it highly resilient to wear and tear.

Built-In Grommets: Grizzly Tarps come equipped with built-in grommets spaced every 34 inches. These grommets enable secure tie-downs, ensuring that your tarp remains firmly in place, even in challenging conditions.

Whether you need to protect equipment, cover vehicles, create shelter, or manage outdoor projects, the 15x15 Grizzly Tarp is your reliable and rugged solution. Its superior-grade durability, lightweight design, tear-resistant construction, and built-in grommets make it a versatile and dependable choice for a wide range of applications. Get the Grizzly Tarp today and experience unmatched quality and performance.

    3.7 lbs.
    6 mil
    True 8x8 weave
    Woven and laminated PE
    PC Grommets every 34"
    Reinforced molded corners
    Heat sealed seams
    Rope in heim
    Mildew proof

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