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A Natural and Eco-Friendly Bell Tent Mat

These natural bell tent floor rugs help to create a cozy atmosphere inside of your glamping tent. Made of coconut fibers, these rugs are naturally tough, water resistant and help to insulate and can even repel some insects!

These rugs are made in a "half-moon" semi-circle shape to cover 1/2 of a 13-foot (4M) yurt tent floor. Grab two half-moons to cover the entire floor of your tent.

These mats don't have a rubber or latex backing on the either side, so they can flipped over as necessary to utilize both sides.

Color: Naturally Golden Beige
Design: Panama weaved criss-cross pattern
Material: Vycom Coir yarn (coconut husk fibers)

  • Adds natural golden brown beauty to bell tent.
  • Creates a comfortable soft cushion on top of the groundsheet.
  • Adds insulation between the tent and cold, damp ground
  • Hand-woven design
  • 100% Biodegradable & natural
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick to install - unroll, align and place
  • Single half-moon mat. 2 half-moons cover the floor of standard 4M (13) bell tents
  • Rug designed to easily insert around center pole.
  • Care: Sweep or vacuum. Spot clean with water. Dry flat on on a line in the sun.

Note: This is One “half-moon” semi-circle piece. Order two half-moon rugs for total floor coverage.
Fits 4-Meter (13-foot) bell tents
Material: 100% natural Vycom coir yarn (coconut husk fibers) with brown cotton edging around the perimeter
Weave Pattern: Panama (criss-cross);
Half-moon measurement: 5.9 ft x 11.8 ft (1.8mx3.6m)
Weight: 21.5 lbs each half-moon (2 = 43 lbs.)

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