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120'' Round Polyester Tablecloth

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Enhance your event decor with our 120'' Round Polyester Tablecloth – a versatile choice that combines style and practicality. Here's why it's the perfect addition to your event:

Versatile Size: Our 120'' round tablecloth is incredibly flexible. Use it on your 60'' round tables for a full drape to the floor or on your 72'' tables for a 24'' drop. Whether for indoor or outdoor events, it's a dependable choice.

Refined Elegance and Protection: Drape this tablecloth on your tables to create a polished and sophisticated look. It not only adds a touch of sophistication but also serves as a protective barrier, ensuring your tables remain in excellent condition.

Ideal for Various Occasions: Whether you're hosting an outdoor gathering or an indoor event, our tablecloth is up to the task. It's favored by party rental companies, hotels, and event venues due to its ease of care and durability.

Quality Materials: Crafted from 100% polyester, our tablecloth is designed for longevity. It can withstand the demands of daily or weekly use, making it a reliable choice for your events.

Serged Hem: Our tablecloths feature a narrow rolled serged hem that strengthens the edges. This not only enhances durability but also ensures a better return on your investment.

High-Quality GSM: The quality of table linens is often defined by GSM (grams per square meter). Our standard polyester tablecloths boast a 200 GSM, indicating their superior quality.

For an event that exudes style and practicality, choose our 120'' Round Polyester Tablecloth. It offers versatility, protection, and long-lasting quality, making it the preferred choice for event professionals and venues alike. Make a statement with your event decor – opt for our tablecloth today.

Material 100% Polyester
Commercial-Grade? Yes
Has Seams? Seamless
Hem: Narrow Rolled Serge

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