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Synthetic Ice Rink Panels

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$329.99 - $529.99
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Experience the Joy of Skating Anywhere, Anytime with Synthetic Ice Panels!

Our Synthetic Ice Panels revolutionize the way you skate, offering the thrill of traditional ice sports without the need for cold temperatures, water, or electricity. Here's why they're the perfect choice for endless family fun, athletic practice, and competitions:

Environmentally Friendly: Protect our environment while enjoying your favorite ice activities. Our Synthetic Ice Panels make it possible to skate in any environment without the need for refrigeration or electricity, reducing your carbon footprint.

Versatile Installation: Whether you want to set up your rink indoors or outdoors, our panels provide the flexibility you need. Perfect for family fun, athletic training, or competitive events, they bring the ice experience to your doorstep.

Enhanced Performance: Our proprietary glide agent enhances the panels' surface, ensuring a skating experience that mirrors natural ice. Glide smoothly and confidently, just like you're on a frozen pond.

Easy Setup and Storage: Handling, assembling, and disassembling our Synthetic Ice Panels is a breeze. The interlocking connection system offers stability and prevents warping or popping up. Plus, they're easy to store when not in use.

Shock Absorbing: Enjoy a comfortable skating experience with shock-absorbing panels that protect your joints and reduce fatigue.

Mess-Free: Say goodbye to white, dusty, messy residue associated with traditional ice rinks. Our panels keep your environment clean and tidy.

No Zamboni Required: Forget about the Zamboni. Our panels require minimal maintenance, so you can spend more time on the ice and less time maintaining it.

Flexible Design: Mix and match panel sizes and thicknesses (available in 50"x50" and 48"x96", .35" and .47" thickness) to create the ice rink size that suits your needs.

How Many Tiles Do I Need? Here are some popular sizes:
16' x 12' Ice Rink: (12) 50"x50" Panels
16' x 20' Ice Rink: (20) 50"x50" Panels

Bring the joy of skating to any location without the hassle of traditional ice rinks. With Synthetic Ice Panels, you're just moments away from an incredible ice-skating experience. Order today and enjoy skating like never before!

Available in 50"x50" and 48"x96" panel sizes
.35" and .47" thickness

Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty to the original (retail) purchaser with the original receipt. The warranty covers specific defects created during the manufacturing process that become evident during normal use for the lifetime of the product.

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