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The Master Blaster Control Box is your key to easy control of "instant-on" effects, simplifying the operation of up to four connected devices. This compact box takes a single 110-volt power supply and turns it into a versatile controller for your special effects equipment.

Key Features:

Four Independent Outputs: The Master Blaster Control Box offers four momentary switches, each corresponding to one of its output power plugs. This means you can control up to four devices independently, giving you precise command over your effects.

Momentary Activation: Each switch operates on a momentary basis, activating its connected device only when the button is pressed. Release the button, and the effect turns off. This makes it ideal for special effects that require quick, short bursts of activation.

High Amperage Handling: Each switch can handle up to 15 amps, with a maximum combined load of 20 amps at 110 volts. This means it's suitable for various equipment, including CO2 devices, confetti machines, lighting, and other special effects gear.

No Expensive Control Equipment Needed: Say goodbye to the need for costly control equipment or DMX controllers. The Master Blaster Control Box provides a cost-effective solution for managing your effects.

🔌 Long Power Cord: The included ten-foot power cord offers flexibility in setup, ensuring you can position the control box where it's most convenient.

Whether you're orchestrating a stunning stage performance, adding excitement to your event, or creating memorable special effects, the Master Blaster Control Box is your trusted companion for quick and precise device activation. It puts the power in your hands, allowing you to achieve the perfect timing and coordination for your effects.

Weight 5 lbs

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