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Introducing the Snow Machine Hardwire Remote, an ingenious device tailored for seamless control of all Global Special Effects snow machines. This specially designed remote serves as a reliable source for operating snow machines in the 900 mode, ensuring you have complete command over your snowy productions.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Control: The Snow Machine Hardwire Remote allows you to effortlessly manage all Global Special Effects snow machines from a distance.

Quick Connect: Equipped with a 25-foot five-pin DMX male quick connect, this remote simplifies the setup process, providing a secure and efficient connection.

Versatile Compatibility: This remote isn't limited to just snow machines; it's a two-channel DMX simulated controller that can be used with any two-channel device, offering flexibility in your setup.

Expandable: Need to control multiple machines? No problem. You can daisy chain this remote to as many machines as required, making it suitable for productions of various scales.

For precise and hassle-free control of your snow machines and other compatible devices, the Snow Machine Hardwire Remote is your go-to solution. Elevate your productions and enjoy the convenience of remote operation.

Weight 5 lbs

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