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Pop-Up Canopy

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Commercial Grade Pop-Up Canopy Tent For Festivals and Fairs

Commercial grade pop-up tents for party rental and event venues for sale. Our commercial grade tents come in many styles from frame tents, pole tents, marquee tents, clear cover, and pop-up tents. Our catalog includes all of the tent accessories you will need for your party and event rental business such as globe lights, marquee tent liners, pole tent liners, leg pole drapes, drop cloths, tarps, chandeliers, tent jacks, dollies, tent lighting and more. Buy quick and easy pop-up tents for festivals, fairs and outdoor markets. Pop-up tents are light weight, easy to transport, and easy to set up. Made from high quality, heavy duty and fire rated PVC vinyl, our tents are the most premium commercial grade tents on the market. Elegant outdoor events can be created with tent liners, leg drapes and globe lights while unforgettable parties can be kept safe from the elements underneath a large pole tent staked into the ground. With every tent size available as well as custom tent sizes, we can help you imagine just about any outdoor event. All of our commercial grade party and event tents are fire rated, heavy duty, designed for continuous use, and can keep your event guests safe from the rain, sun and any other inclement weather. Commercial grade tents are designed to protect your guests while bringing a beautiful and unforgettable design feature to any outdoor event. Buy a commercial grade tent today for your party rental business or event venue.

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