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Indoor/Outdoor * 120V
Introducing the Soji Stella Nova pendant lamp, a truly mesmerizing and versatile lighting solution. Crafted from the renowned DuPont™ Tyvek® material and adorned with a stunning Boho floral pattern, this 18" globe-shaped pendant lamp creates a captivating display of light patterns when illuminated in low ambient light.

The Soji Stella Nova pendant lamp sets itself apart with its unique design and exceptional durability. Inspired by the beloved outdoor-rated Stella solar lanterns, the Nova collection brings the same ornate punched material but with a 15ft 120V plug, allowing you to enjoy its enchanting glow both indoors and outdoors. Now, you can experience the elegance of Soji Stella in your favorite spaces throughout the year.

Whether hung in your living room, bedroom, patio, or any other desired location, the Soji Stella Nova pendant lamp adds a touch of charm and sophistication. Its delicate floral pattern combined with the gentle glow emanating from within creates an ambiance that is both enchanting and inviting.

Experience the beauty and versatility of the Soji Stella Nova pendant lamp as it illuminates your surroundings with its mesmerizing patterns and soft glow. Immerse yourself in its timeless appeal and let its radiant presence enhance any space, whether indoors or out. Elevate your decor with the captivating elegance of the Soji Stella Nova pendant lamp.

  • Beautiful punched out fabric patterns, easy to set up, and can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Handmade with high-quality weather-resistant and UV treated DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric for outdoor use – superior quality and construction. Lamps feature durable stainless-steel frame.
  • UL rated cord and electrical components with sealed outdoor-rated on/off switch. Optimized for use with outdoor-rated E26 LED bulbs.

For use with E26 LED bulb only (not included) - Indoor/outdoor rated LED bulb is required for outdoor use

Can my Stella Nova lamp be used outdoors?
Yes, the Stella Nova lamps are designed so that they can survive in the outdoors! Our fabrics are tough and we use stainless steel and other materials that can handle the weather. While we expect that you will get multiple years of service from your lamps, over time they will experience normal wear from being outside. The lamps can easily be disassembled/collapsed so they can be taken down in winter, which can help the longevity of the lamp, especially in areas with snow and ice.

What about rain or moisture?
The lamps are outdoor rated and the Tyvek® material is weather-resistant and designed to handle the elements. The included outdoor cord is UL rated for outdoor use. It is recommended that the location where the cord is plugged in is protected from rain/elements. Use an outdoor-rated E26 LED bulb.

What type of light bulb do I use?
The Stella Nova lamps are designed for use with standard E26 size LED bulbs. These types of bulbs are the most efficient and longest lasting.

Dimensions: 18″ H x 18″ W
Material: Weather-resistant DuPont™ Tyvek® material
Uses: Hanging
Bulb: Optimized for use with standard (outdoor rated) E26 LED
Rated for Outdoor Use: Yes, with included outdoor cord. (When used with optional indoor cord, lamp should only be used indoors.)
Rated for Indoor Use: Yes
Collapsible: Yes
Packaging: 18″ H x 18″ W x .5″ D / 1.00 lbs

DuPont™ and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

1 Year Limited

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