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When environmental heat is the challenge, cool down spaces, and people efficiently with our portable evaporative cooler. Using only water and a standard power supply you can provide 950 square feet of cooling airflow with our PC-31 portable evaporative cooler.

Our portable evaporative cooler has a lightweight design and four lockable caster wheels that make it easy to transport and setup wherever efficient spot cooling is needed. Uses only water and standard power supply to provide 3100 CFM of cooling airflow.

These cost-effective portable evaporative coolers are great for the temporary cooling of tent or industrial applications. Water from an onboard tank is pumped to the top of a filter-like cooling pad.

Our portable evaporative cooler combines the low operating costs your customers want with rental-ready features that protect your investment. Water and a fan together create a simple yet effective cooling effect. This technology is well-suited to open spaces unlike the enclosed areas required for spot air conditioning technologies. No vents or ducts needed—just plug it in and turn it on!


  • Fill 10-gal water tank manually or connect to garden hose for continuous water supply
  • Low amp draw suitable for most available circuits
  • Safe GFCI power connection
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjust airflow with 3-speed fan and louvers
  • Durable, UV protected case
  • Automatic Pump Shut Off: If a customer forgets to fill the tank the automatic pump shut-off feature helps prevent parts from getting burned out.


Weight 45.000000
Height 38.00000
Width 16.00000
Length 24.00000

Coverage 950 sq. ft.
Water Tank Capacity 10.3 gallons
Run time per tank 3-4 hours

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