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Commercial Starter Package F presents an excellent opportunity for individuals entering the inflatable and party rental business or seasoned operators seeking a comprehensive package deal. This package offers a selection of high-quality inflatables, powerful blowers, anchoring supplies, water hoses, and convenient curbside delivery. Here's what this package includes:

Inflatable Units:

  1. 16' Rainbow Wet/Dry Slide (1 unit): This vibrant and versatile 16' Rainbow Wet/Dry Slide provides thrilling entertainment for both dry and wet sliding experiences. Its colorful design appeals to a wide range of audiences, making it an attractive addition to any event.

  2. Wet/Dry Combo (1 unit): The Wet/Dry Combo unit combines various interactive elements such as a bounce house, slide, climbing area, and more, offering all-in-one entertainment for partygoers. Its dual usability in wet and dry conditions makes it suitable for different weather conditions and preferences.


  1. 1.5 HP Blowers (2 units): The package includes two powerful 1.5 HP blowers, essential for inflating the 16' Rainbow Wet/Dry Slide and Wet/Dry Combo quickly. These high-performance blowers ensure efficient setup, allowing renters to prepare the inflatables for use promptly.

  2. Stakes and Water Hoses: Customers receive (24) 18"L hooks stakes for secure anchoring of the inflatables, ensuring stability and safety during use. Additionally, (2) water hoses are provided to enhance the wet sliding experience, delivering a continuous flow of water for added enjoyment.

Free Service:

  1. Curbside Delivery: The package includes hassle-free curbside delivery, where all components, including the inflatables, blowers, stakes, and water hoses, are delivered directly to the specified location. Curbside delivery simplifies the setup process, offering convenience to customers and ensuring a smooth rental experience.


Ideal for Various Events: Commercial Starter Package F is suitable for a wide range of events, such as birthday parties, family gatherings, community festivals, and school events. The combination of a wet/dry slide and a versatile Wet/Dry Combo caters to different preferences and age groups, making it an excellent choice for various occasions.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By offering diverse entertainment options, dual usability, high-performance blowers, secure anchoring, continuous water supply, and convenient delivery, this package enhances customer satisfaction. Renters can provide engaging and safe entertainment to their clients, ensuring a positive experience and encouraging repeat business.

All-in-One Solution: Commercial Starter Package F provides an all-in-one solution for inflatable rental businesses. With a carefully curated selection of inflatables, powerful blowers, anchoring supplies, water hoses, and curbside delivery, this package offers everything needed for a successful rental operation. Whether launching a new business or expanding an existing inventory, this package provides a reliable foundation for delivering exceptional entertainment experiences to customers.

Key Specifications:

Materials: Crafted from commercial-grade, knife-coated, rip-stop, 15 oz PVC vinyl, this slide is both durable and visually appealing. The materials, made of 1300x1000 Denier mesh fabric with PVC coating, offer exceptional strength and flexibility.

Safety Assurance: Our inflatable games prioritize safety. They are FIRE RETARDANT and LEAD FREE, ensuring a secure environment for all participants. A safety step is standard, and anti-jumping safety netting on the slides prevents risky behavior. Anchors, safety straps, warning signs, and other safety indicators are meticulously integrated. Additionally, all inflatables meet or exceed ASTM and CPSIA standards.

Enhanced Features:

  • Secure Zippers: Reliable commercial-grade zippers with Velcro covers ensure easy access while maintaining security during play.

  • Leak Prevention: Integrated back flow flaps on deflation zippers reduce air leaks, guaranteeing the slide remains fully inflated for uninterrupted enjoyment.

  • Reinforced Construction: Double-layer material is strategically sewn on stress areas such as the bottom of the bounce house’s pillars, pop-ups, entrances, and high traffic floor seams. This reinforces the structure, making it stronger and safer for users.

  • Professional Accessories: The inflatable comes complete with a blank business banner, business card holder, repair kit, storage bag, anchors, tie-down straps, and a warning sign. Additionally, the unit is FIRE RETARDANT and lead-free, ensuring top-notch safety standards.

  • Included Blower: The unit comes with the necessary blower(s), making setup hassle-free and allowing your customers to dive right into the fun.

Slide Specs--

INFLATED DIMENSION: 24 ft L X 11 ft W X 16 ft H
MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 180 LBS/1 Player at A Time

Combo Specs--

INFLATED DIMENSION: 29 ft L X 12 ft W X 16 ft H
MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 800 LBS/8 Players Maximum

We are confident that all of our units will have superior durability and are all made to last. We believe that all units purchased from us are of the highest quality standards. To help ensure that your units will last, we include a one-year limited warranty on our commercial grade inflatables, ninety (90) Days on residential inflatables. We will repair all units with issues resulting from defects in workmanship such as seam tears and openings and fabric tears. We will repair all units with such defects at no cost. Units that have any form of damage resulting from improper or unsafe use, improper storage, accidents, vandalism, etc. are not covered by warranty. Zipper defects are typically not covered under warranty.

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