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The Deluxe Signature Series Bleacher Packages from Granite Industries represents one of the premier bleacher lines in the USA. Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA, the Signature bleachers are built to last. The 5 row bleacher design offers a professional look and maximum seating. The anodized aluminum seat boards provide a long lasting and structurally sound base.
The anodized finish also reflects and regulates heat, keeping the bleachers at a consistent temperature. The Signature Series features mill finished aluminum foot boards, These foot boards meet basic traction requirements along with excellent visual appeal. The galvanized steel understructure offers unmatched strength and expected life. This bleachers are designed for outdoor use.

Signature Deluxe Series bleacher includes everything our regular Signature Bleachers offer, plus guardrail, double footboards, and toeboards on the top 4 rows along with an asile with handrail. Our guardrail is made from welded and powder coated steel tubing, making it much more eye appealing. This type of guardrail offers better safety compared to our competitor’s chain-link fence style guardail, as it offers more stability and deters children from climbing. Also, select from three styles of seating: Bench, Bench with Back and Flip Up seat with Back.

Meets International Code Council (ICC) specifications.


Double Footboards – Two mill finished aluminum footboards run the length of the seating. These footboards offer a sturdier base and better look than the single footboards.Toeboards – Aluminum toeboards run underneath each seat. These toeboards prevent bags and other items from falling through the bleachers. They also improve the appearance of the bleachers.

Standard Handrail – The deluxe bleachers come standard with mi-aisle handrails. These handrails provide additional safety to the bleachers.

Standard Guardrail – Guardrails run along the outside of all deluxe bleachers. These guardrails keep the stage within building code, provide increased safety, and a more complete look.

The custom all-in-one starter package includes everything you need to get started.

All-In-One Starter Package Includes:

QTY: 1 – 27′ anodized aluminum seat board
QTY: 8 – 9′ anodized aluminum seat boards
QTY: 4 – 27′ milled aluminum double floor boards
QTY: 4 – 27′ aluminum toe boards
QTY: 4 – galvanized steel support frames
QTY: 6 – galvanized steel X-Braces
QTY: 5 – powder coated guardrails
QTY: 1 – hardware Kit
QTY: 1 – mid-aisle handrail


Dimensions: 27′ W x 9’4″ D
Height: 7’7″
Seat Plank width: 10″
Footboard Plank width: 10″
First Row Elevation: 18.5″
Rise: 7″
Seats: 54
Meets bleacher building code
Weight: 1810 lbs
5 year limited warranty
The custom all-in-one starter package includes everything you need to get started.

5 Year Limited Warranty

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