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Quickest & Easiest Way To Roll Up Inflatables

Quickest & Easiest Way To Roll Up Inflatables

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Are you struggling to roll up inflatables and large party tents? Are you frustrated at the time and effort it is taking you to do what should be a simple task? Are you causing yourself physical stress or having to hire additional laborers? 

We've got just the solution for you!

The Inflatable Rolling Machine is the most functional machine on the market that can roll up inflatables and large tents for you with the push of the button. You heard that right! No more breaking your back trying to get those huge inflatables rolled up and no more needing a team of 10 to get the job done. Save time, money and your back by investing in an Inflatable Rolling Machine to do the job for you. 

Features of The Inflatable Rolling Machine: 

  • Saves labor cost - eliminate 1 or 2 laborers
  • Prevent back injuries
  • Rolls up 25 feet inflatables in minutes
  • Works great on wet grass, mud, gym floors & slick surfaces

The Inflatable Rolling Machine XL

The Inflatable Rolling Machine XL is designed with quad wheels to roll up a variety of products including inflatables and large tents up to 1700 lbs. Let this amazing product do the work for you. Rolling is now as easy as pushing a button. Save time, money and your back! Do you have large inflatables including obstacle courses and waterslides in your inventory? This is the product for you! Let the Inflatable Rolling Machine do all of the heavy lifting. Just start by creating a small roll and let the rolling machine do the rest of the work.

The Inflatable Rolling Machine

The inflatable rolling machine is designed to roll up a variety of products including inflatables and large tents up to 800 lbs.

Don't take our word for it! Check out what customers are saying about this amazing product below: 

"I have a small water slide and bounce house business in Louisiana. The first two years I had a crew of four men working for me. My son, Clint, saw a video of your machine on the internet. I questioned whether or not it would roll up wet 22' and 26' water slides.​ I received the XL and it did everything that was advertised plus more! It rolls up big water slides as well as regular bounce houses with ease. It will roll up an inflatable in the mud, the sand, or in high weeds. It is truly amazing and one of the best investments I have ever made! My crew consists of two people now, my son and I. The inflatable rolling machine has become an indispensable piece of equipment for my business."

"Received the Inflatable Rolling Machine, set it up yesterday, used it the first time on a 75' obstacle course... OH MY! This machine is incredible. Thank you so very much. The most strenuous part of our business has been alleviated. I now greatly anticipate summer and the water slide rentals without pause or reservation previously triggered by thoughts of the recovery effort."


The Inflatable Rolling Machine is powerful, functional and easy to operate. Give us a call today to see if this piece of equipment is right for your business!

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