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Is Starting A Bounce House Business Too Competitive?

Is Starting A Bounce House Business Too Competitive?

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Are you looking for a new opportunity for your family and came across starting a bounce house business? Maybe you read the market is too saturated? Or it's too competitive? But, you are still interested... so you found this blog...

Don't you fear! We are here to tell you there is an opportunity for just about every person regardless of the industry if you have the right attitude and skillset. When it comes to starting a bounce house business, the answer is NO! The market is never too competitive or saturated for a skilled business owner who has the right attitude and the customer's best interest in mind. 

What do we mean by that? 

Our best advice for those just getting started with a bounce house business is to SET YOURSELF APART from your competitors!

Here at Beyond Tent, we can help you do exactly that. We offer a line of exclusive designs of inflatables that are like nothing you've ever seen before! Although it's important to have the classic bounce houses and inflatables in your inventory, we recommend investing in 1 or 2 unique inflatables that will get you SEEN in the neighborhood. 

Imagine the neighbors driving down the street and seeing this inflated next door:

Or this...

Or this...

These exclusive designs will definitely get the neighbors talking! And when the neighbors talk.. this leads to referrals. Referrals are the lifeline of any business and can help grow your business to heights you never imagined. 

These eye-catching designs will help you get noticed and will more than likely differentiate you from your competitors. Essentially, you have something they don't have. As a new business owner, this can give you the leg up to win the customer. 

Beyond Tent is in the business to help YOU grow your event rental business. Give us a call today to discuss which inflatables will help catapult your party rental business to success!

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