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Do I Need A Contract For My Party Rental or Bounce House Business?

Do I Need A Contract For My Party Rental or Bounce House Business?

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Are you starting a party rental, bounce house, or tent business? Are you not sure if you need a contract for your party rental business? 

This is a common question we get from our customers. Those who are new to the party rental business often must face this question when establishing their business. Should you require your customers to sign a contract when renting out your equipment? 

The short answer to this question is... YES!

Requiring your customer to sign a rental agreement or contract when renting out your party equipment such as bounce houses, tents, tables and chairs is standard and expected. Asking your customer for a signature on a document like this should not deter any customers from doing business with you and if a customer refuses to sign a rental agreement, then they probably aren't the most ideal customer for you to do business with. Under no circumstances is it recommended to adjust or edit your party rental agreement or contract as requested by a customer. You may be excited to win their business, but make sure it is in the best interest of your party rental company.

Requiring customers to sign a party rental agreement or contract is a standard way to protect you, your employees and your party rental equipment that you invest thousands of dollars in. It's a simple step to take when first starting your business and it will absolutely help you in the long run. 

What should a party rental contract or agreement cover? There are many important rules and regulations to include specifically pertaining to party rental equipment and here are a few of the most common: 

  • Safety rules when using inflatables and bounce houses
  • Delivery restrictions for specific job sites depending on the equipment
  • When and where to set up specific style tents
  • Setup and takedown of equipment
  • Arrangement of equipment for particular parties
  • Limitations of labor as it pertains to setup and takedown of equipment

The next question you might have is "Well, how do I make a party rental agreement or contract for my party rental business?"

You will want to consult a lawyer who is familiar with local laws where you plan to operate your business. Laws can change state by state so this is particularly important to keep in mind when putting your agreement together. 

You can use a guide or template to put together your own party rental agreement. Remember, what you find online are simply guides and inspiration to create your own party rental agreement or contract. This party rental contract guide is a great starting point to help you get the ball rolling. Ultimately, you are the one responsible for the party rental agreement or contract you ask your customers to sign. Take the time to go through your contract and make sure any possible scenario is covered when it comes to protecting your business, your employees and your party rental equipment. 

Lastly, this shouldn't be a point of stress when starting your party rental business. It's simply another task that needs to be done in order to get your business up and running and ensure your success!

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