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The Global Special Effects Cold Sparks Machine adds the ultimate "Wow!" factor to any special event or celebration. Cold Sparks is an emerging special effect that delivers the stunning visual spectacle of fireworks without the safety hazards and complexities associated with traditional pyrotechnics. This innovative machine employs composite powder to create enchanting upward sparks precisely when you desire those magical moments.

Our Cold Sparks Powders are conveniently available in 7 oz. packages, with each package providing approximately 10-15 minutes of continuous spark performance. You can shoot sparks at intervals of 60-90 seconds, allowing for cooling downtime between displays. With the Cold Sparks Machine, reloading after a single shot is a thing of the past, ensuring a seamless and spectacular experience for your event.

Unit Size
Dimensions: 9″L x 8″W x 13″H
Weight: 20 lbs
Electrical Requirements
50/60 Hz
Spark Height
Up to 15. ft.

1 Year Limited Warranty

*1-Year Limited Warranty valid when using powder from Global Special Effects.

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